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TITLE: The Invitation
TEXT: Matthew 11:28-30
PROPOSITION: We respond to every sermon or Bible lesson.
KEY WORD: Reasons

  1. INTRODUCTION: At the close of every sermon the invitation is extended.
  2. We "stand and sing" a song urging people to come.
  3. Many do not understand the purpose of this part of our worship.
  4. Here are six reasons that you might want to respond in a public way.


  1. It is clear the Bible commands baptism for salvation.
  2. Wash away sins, added to church, saved.
  3. Of course this can be done any time – not just a church service.


  1. Galatians 6:1 "Restore such a one"
  2. This is for those who are out of active service
  1. Stopped attending
  2. Quit working, serving the Lord
  3. Disfellowshipped because of some doctrinal or moral sin

Place Membership

  1. Faithful members who move to a new location.
  2. Need to say to elders – I am ready to work with you.
  3. Acts 9:26 is an example of Paul doing this.

Forgiveness of a Public Sin

  1. Don’t turn the front row into a confessional.
  2. Private matter – handle it privately.
  3. Public matter – deal with it publicly.

Personal Needs

  1. Health, Marriage, Children, Personal Matter
  2. New baby, new house, job, seek wisdom, courage to choose right
  3. "I am hurting" REASON – I am not ready to tell.

Statement of Decision

  1. In response to a lesson – stop smoking, start teaching
  2. "I will try. Will you help me?"
  3. Church family is our first line of moral support.
  4. Personal decision – Job promotion, Education


I say at the end of sermons, "Is there any spiritual matter in which this church could be of help or service to you? Will you come? Do you need to be baptized? Do you need to be restored? Do you need prayer for forgiveness or encouragement? Will you come?"

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