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TITLE:  Get her for me
TEXT:  Judges 14:1-3
PROPOSITION:  Marriage is more important than physical attraction.
KEY WORD:  Ingredients


  1. Survey in Hamilton County (Chattanooga) – called “First Things First” –  reported in Chattanooga Times, November 25, 2003
  2. Hamilton County residents ranked the most important priorities as part of the State of the Family 2003 report:

Family                            Faith

Children                        Career / Work

Health                            Money / Finance

Hobbies / Leisure          Getting ahead in life

Marriage / Spouse          School

  1. 54% believe that if the traditional family unit falls apart, the stability of American society will collapse.
  2. 70% believe the typical marriage today is weaker than the typical marriage 30 years ago.
  3. 69% agree that children who are raised in a home with both their natural parents will grow up to be more stable emotionally than children raised by one parent.
  4. What are the Biblical ingredients for marriage?


  1. Samson saw a woman of the Philistines and liked what he saw.

  2. He knew it was a violation of the law.

  3. He just liked what he saw and said, “Get her for me.”

What are the ingredients for marriage?

Commitment – Intent

  1. May begin with or without a ceremony

  2. Marriage cannot begin without a commitment

  3. Genesis 2:21-25

  4. Genesis 29:16-20

Ceremony – Public Announcement

  1. There is no ceremony recorded in the Bible

  2. All parts of the typical ceremony are taught in the Bible.

  3. John 2:1-2 – Feast, friends, family, picture in the paper

  4. Wedding rings – marriage license

Law of the state

  1. Obey the law – Romans 13:1-4

  2. Blood tests, age limits, applications fees, waiting periods

  3. Annulment – Fraud, already married, false pretenses, avoid prosecution, avoid deportation


  1. Samson just saw the physical attraction.
  2. Judge Judy book – “Beauty Fades; Dumb is Forever”
  3. What happens to a marriage when age changes the physical beauty?


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