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TITLE: Grasshopper Complex
TEXT: Numbers 13:26 - 14:35
PROPOSITION: There are many reasons that we miss God's best for our lives.
KEY WORD: Mistakes
READING: Numbers 13:30-33


  1. Israel was ready to enter the Promised Land.
  2. They believed the false report of the spies.
  3. They missed God's best because:

They made a wrong parallel 13:28-33

  1. They compared themselves to people in land.
  2. We should compare the people to God.

They misunderstood God's purpose 14:1-3

  1. God did bring them out here to fail.
  2. Look where God has brought you.
  1. 1. He did not bring you here to fail.
  2. 2. He will bring you to victory.

They disregarded God's protection 14:3, 31

  1. Where is the safest place to be?
  2. In the arms of the Lord.

They forgot the presence of the Lord 14:6-9

  1. God is everywhere present. Omnipresence.
  2. "We know they are big. God is bigger."
  3. How big is your God?

They forgot God's punishment 14:10, 35

  1. God will correct us for our good . Hebrews 12:5-7
  2. You can react in one of three ways to God's spanking
  1. 1. Despise it.
  2. 2. Faint. (quit serving God, give up)
  3. 3. Learn from it.

They tried God's patience 14:11a, 27

  1. We wander away from God's will.
  2. We should thank God for allowing us to come back.
  3. INSTEAD: We blame God for our problems.

They forgot the power of God 14:11b, 22-23

  1. We wish we could see the miracles.
  1. It would not make any difference.
  2. Abraham, "They have Moses and the prophets."
  1. We have forgotten that God is powerful.

They doubted God's promise 14:16

  1. Promise was already made to them.
  2. They did not believe the promise.
  3. Are you "Standing on the Promises"?


  1. Don't be satisfied for less than God's best.
  2. Trust and obey Him; You can have His best.

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