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TITLE: Hall Pass to Life
TEXT: Philippians 3:12-14
PROPOSITION: Graduation is a time you receive a pass to life.
KEY WORD: Requirements
  1. Graduation = reflection, memories, nostalgia
  2. High School = must have a hall pass
  3. This morning - I give you your LAST hall pass to life.
  4. 5 things must be on your pass.

Faith in Christ
  1. Hebrews 11:6 - must have faith in God, Christ, Bible, church
  2. NOT: in parents, teachers, school, faith in faith
  3. Must be a personal faith you have in your God.

Focus on your goals
  1. Many teens are “aimless” - Time Magazine - no goals, no direction
  2. Set goals and focus on them. TEXT
  3. Concentrate on the goals - Hebrews 11:2 - “looking unto Jesus”
  4. Don't let other things distract you from your goals.
  5. Clerk in store does not want to help you, little league coach yells at kids
  6. Harvard - terrible football team -
  7. That's all right, that's OK, You will work for us someday.”

Finish what you start
  1. Luke 14:28-30 - build a tower, sit down and count the cost
  2. College - graduate; Marry - stay married; Work - finish what you start
  3. Paul Harvey - tough message for graduates (See below)

Freedom to fail
  1. James 3:2 - We all stumble in many ways
  2. Optimist - called home about failing a test - I got a high F
  3. If you double your success rate - you double your failure rate.
  4. Think about this “failure”. (See below - American Failure)
  5. Great men of God failed - and grew from their failure.
    1. Noah failed morally
    2. Abraham lied (twice) and got into trouble
    3. David -murder and adultery
    4. Samson - failed and lost his strength
    5. Peter denied Christ
    6. Paul - called himself the chief of sinners

Family a priority
  1. Exodus 20:12 - Honor your father and mother
  2. Stay close to home - not about geography - but the heart.
  3. Always make family - extended, personal, church family - a priority.

NOTE: The ideas and main outline are adapted from some material by Doug Coburn.

Paul Harvey - tough message for graduates

American Failure

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