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TITLE: Leaders and the congregation
TEXT: 1 Thessalonians 5:11-13
PROPOSITION: Leaders must have the respect of the congregation.

  1. This sermon will focus on the obligation we (the local church) have toward all in positions of authority in the church.
  2. Leaders must have followers. No followers = rebellion.

Know them. (12)
  1. Know them by name, by their example, their life
  2. Know them - trust their judgments and decisions
  3. Know them - able to talk with them about problems or suggestions

Esteem them highly in love (13)
  1. More than know them - appreciate them for the work they do.
    1. Elders - calls in middle of night, prayer, searching for wisdom
    2. Deacons - getting workers, what is best to do, hours spent
  2. Love them for their care, concern, dedication to the family of God

Submit to their decisions (1 Timothy 5:17; Hebrews 13:17)
  1. Submit = give in, yield, be in subjection, allow their will to prevail over ours
  2. NOT - because they are dictators who "rule with iron hand"
  3. BUT - because the are watching for our souls, have our best at heart

Obey them (Hebrews 13:17)
  1. Obey = follow
  2. Failure to obey an elder, or deacon = rebellion against God

Receive not accusations against them (1 Timothy 5:19)
  1. Very cautious here - not to stir up trouble in the church
  2. Make sure of the facts - 2 or 3 witnesses
  3. Elders and deacons sin - as we all do - repent and seek forgiveness
  4. Do not expect perfection - you will be disappointed

Imitate them (Hebrews 13:17)
  1. Follow their leadership - decisions, example, faith, morals
  2. Do not expect MORE of them than of yourself
  3. Not every deacon must be involved in every work
    1. Deacon over benevolence or building - not able to preach
    2. Deacon over youth - not able to repair plumbing or furnace

Call on them (James 5:14) [Include preacher, elders, and deacons]
  1. When in need - problem, struggle, need prayers, counseling, assistance
  2. When you have a question, suggestion, comment or criticism
  3. When you are willing to help in their area of work - volunteer!

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