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TITLE: Preparing for the Best!

TEXT: 1 Peter 3:8-12

PROPOSITION: Life with God is good if we follow the instructions.


KEY WORD: Instructions




1. Buy and new VCR - hook it up - can't figure it out?

2. When all else fails - read the instructions!

3. We do the same with life - Want to enjoy life?


4. Peter gives three instructions to help us enjoy life.


1. Love for God's family (8)

A.      Be of one mind Phil. 2:1-11 (unity)

B.       Compassion Rom. 12:15

C.       Love as brothers family

D.      Tenderhearted listen to announcements

E.       Courteous show respect to all in the family


2. Love our enemies (9)

A.      Evil for good Satan's way

B.       Good for good; evil for evil human way

C.       Good for evil God's way


3. Love life (10-12)

A. Deliberately decide to love life

Some endure life and are miserable

Some escape life through suicide, alcohol, or drugs

Some enjoy life find pleasure in life itself

B. Control our tongues

Psalm 141:3

James 3

C. Do good and hate evil

Eschew = avoid because you despise it

Avoid, shun sin because wrong? Yes

ALSO because we hate sin!

D. Seek and pursue peace

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers

James 3:13-18

What if we seek peace, others seek war?

God has open eyes, (12)


Words are quoted from Psalm 34:12-15

Not free of all problems - - -

Fears - 4 Troubles - 6, 17

Afflictions - 19 Broken heart - 18

Think you are having a really bad day? Read Ps. 34.

You are really having a good day to the glory of God.

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