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TITLE: For the Man who has Everything

TEXT: Mark 10:17-22

PROPOSITION: If a man has everything but Christ, he is still in a lost condition.


KEY WORD: Provisions



1. What should we get for ______?

2. Study this man who has everything.

I. Challenge Him to Think (17-18)

    1. He was thinking about eternity. Sought help.
    2. Phil. Jailer - What must I do?
    3. Jews on Pentecost - What shall we do?
    4. Saul - What wilt thou have me to do?
    5. THINK Morally, Soberly, Righteously, Spiritually
    6. Philippians 4:8 True, noble, just, pure, lovely, good report

II. Checklist of the Commandments (19-20)

    1. Morals - Adultery, Kill
    2. Honesty - Steal, False witness, Defraud not
    3. Respect - Honor parents
    4. Religion - from my youth up

III. Show Him Compassion (21a)

    1. Beholding - "looking deep within"
    2. Loved - liked what he saw
    3. All people have problems need caring and help.
    4. No matter how wealthy We need compassion, caring.

IV. Offer Him A Cure (21b)

    1. One thing lacking
    2. Lay aside THE SIN Heb. 12:1
    3. Make the commitment, sacrifice

V. Give Him A Choice (22)

    1. Can't avoid making a choice.
    2. To not choose = is a choice.
    3. Joshua 24:15 Choose this day whom you will serve
    4. Acts 24:25 Felix, Go away for now, more convenient time


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