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TITLE:  Loopholes
TEXT:  Judges 21:17-24
PROPOSITION:  People look for loopholes to avoid obeying God.
KEY WORD:  Excuses



  1. The tribe of Benjamin needed wives.
  2. Dilemma:
    1. Vow was made against “giving” daughters from other tribes.
    2. The law forbids taking wives from other nations.
  3. Solution: Have Benjamin “kidnap” the girls – Catch-A-Wife
    1. That way vow was kept – they did not “give” them
    2. Benjamin will remain a viable tribe

 Everybody’s doing it.

Adam – Genesis 3

 The Devil made me do it

Eve – Genesis 3

 I was drunk

Nadab and Ahihu – Leviticus 10

 It was the situation I was in. It felt like the right thing to do

Uzzah and Ahio – 2 Samuel 6

 I thought; I assumed, I failed to check their sources

Young Prophet – 1 Kings 13

Naaman – 2 Kings 5


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