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TITLE: Job Did Not Charge God with Wrong
TEXT: Job 1:20-22
PROPOSITION: We must not blame God for disasters in our life.
KEY WORD: Lessons
  1. This life is dangerous - earthquakes, tornadoes, fire, accidents, crime, etc.
  2. Out of pain and anger - some blame God for their grief.
  3. What does the Bible say about this?

God does not send every disaster.
  1. God can send some disasters - 2 Samuel 24:1-17; Acts 27
  2. For a divine purpose
  3. To punish ungodliness - Genesis 19 - Sodom
  4. To prove Job was not a hypocrite - Job 1:1, 6-12

Disasters strike the righteous as well as the unrighteous
  1. Luke 13:1-5 - disasters do not just happen to the wicked

Such disasters prove man's helplessness
  1. There is a greater power than man - Isaiah 41:11; Jeremiah 10:24
  2. We should bow before God before the calamity strikes - Romans 14:11

The minister's duties in times of disaster
  1. Lead the faithless to faith - Acts 16:25-34
  2. Help the saints to glorify God in spite of the disaster - Job 2:10

Job's attitude was that of an obedient soldier
  1. He did not complain:
    1. gave me sheep - Sabeans took them away - 1:14-15
    2. gave me sons - Satan took them away - 1:18-19

  2. God has the right to test our loyalty and faith
    1. Abraham and Isaac

  3. His faith helped to defeat Satan's plan, of which he was unaware
    1. 2 Corinthians 2:11 - Satan's devices
    2. Peter 5:8 - roaring lion seeking whom he might devour

When disaster strikes let the saints of God say:
  1. Though he slay me - Job 13:15
  2. To them that love God, all things - Romans 8:28
  3. We'll consider our ways - Ecclesiastes 7:14

Let the bereaved remember:
  1. All must die, tragically or otherwise
  2. Tragic deaths, cause more sympathy
  3. Going suddenly is better than lingering in pain
Live in preparedness, as Job did.

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