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TITLE: Giving
TEXT: 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
PROPOSITION: Giving is a part of our worship.

  1. Many think giving is just a business. Take money to pay the bills.
  2. God requires giving. It is to be used for work of the church.
  3. It is also a measure of our love for God and his blessings to us.
  4. Notice the parts of giving in our text.

1. When?                First day of the week
        A. Christians gather to worship - communion. Acts 20:7
        B. Jesus rose from dead. Matthew 28:1
        C. Church began. Acts 2:47
2. Who?                        Every one of you
        A. All who have been blessed by God
        B. All who believe in the work of the church
        C. All who desire to see the gospel spread to others
3. What?                Lay by
        A. Plan ahead, set aside.
        B. This is God's - I must not spend it on other things.
4. Where?                In store
        A. This is a treasury.
        B. A common place for all money. Ready to pay church bills.
5. How much?                As prospered by God
        A. Preacher at wedding; Value of bride; Change for $1.00?
        B. Think how God has blessed you.
                NOT: What we do not have 2 Corinthians 8:12
                Material                Spiritual                Friends
        C. In OT - 10% was demanded.
        D. Christians - How much do you love God?
6. Apple Illustration.
        A. God gave man 10 apples - 3 food; 3 shelter; 3 clothes; 1 back to God.
        B. Man spent - 3 food; 3 shelter; 3 clothes. 10th apple best, nicest.
        C. Ate 10th apple and gave God the core.

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