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TITLE: Imputed for Righteousness

TEXT: Romans 4:19-25

PROPOSITION: The only way to be right before God is through "accounted as righteous."


KEY WORD: Accountings



  1. KJV "imputed"; NKJV "accounted"
  2. God is keeping books Revelation 20:12
  3. Picture an accountant writing on your account "Paid in full"
  4. Parable of unjust steward Luke 16:1-8


Learn from Abraham:


  1. Not weak in faith (19)
    Faith can be weak or strong
    our goal is to be strong and growing in faith
    where is your faith right now? Strong, Growing

  2. Not waver at the promise of God (20-21)
    God said it I believe it
    Our faith wavers Not the promises of God
    Song Standing on the Promises of God

  3. Conclusion It was accounted to him for righteousness
    Put on his record AS IF it were paid
    God looks at the record "Paid in Full"

  4. He was not righteous it was just written to his account
    He did not pay the bill
    Bill for sin = death (Romans 6:23 wages of sin is death)
    Short of death what would it take to pay the bill?
    Pray, read, attend, study, give, worship, teach, work, serve others
    All these are good they just come up short of full payment
    NOTE: We should do all these things BECAUSE we are righteous
    NOT to OBTAIN righteousness

  5. Not just for him this is for us you and me, tonight (24)
    God will do the same for us who believe
    We can be like Abraham out of debt, free and clear imputed

  6. Believe in Jesus, died for our sins, raised for our justification (25)
    Believe in the D, B. R
    Believe in imputed righteousness


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