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TITLE: Legislating Morality

TEXT: 1 Timothy 1:8-11

PROPOSITION: We must seek to live by the moral code of God.


KEY WORD: Reasons



  1. Some of the thoughts are quotes are from Legislating Morality, by Norman Geisler and Frank Turek, Bethany House, 1998
  2. Moral values on the decline in last 3 decades.
  3. People turn to the government for help.
  4. 1994 Religious Right "Moral Majority" began seeking to control congress
  5. Answer "You can't legislate morality."
  6. Democrats Food stamp bill (1995) lost the fight and said
    Rep. La Garza (TX) "We have a responsibility a moral responsibility to the people."
    Others called the Republican bill "Immoral and mean-spirited."
  7. You can't have it both ways.

Biblical Examine the text

The law is good.

  1. Verse 8 The law is good use it lawfully (properly).
  2. Laws were not made for good, decent, law-abiding citizens.
  3. Laws are passed when there is unfairness, cheating.


Define the terms.

  1. Lawless not subject to laws, insubordinate not obey commands
  2. Ungodly irreverent, sinners law breaker
  3. Unholy wicked, profane cross threshold, leave the house of God


  1. Murder willful taking of human life
  2. Fornicators Unfaithful to their spouse
  3. Sodomites Homosexual acts
  4. Kidnappers (Slave-traders) profit in human flesh
  5. Liars speak what you know to be false
  6. Perjurers not keep your promise or oath
  7. Contrary to sound doctrine And such like (Galatians 5:21)

Logical Think about it

All laws ARE MORAL in nature.

  1. Look at the list above
  2. Traffic laws speed, stop, no passing
  3. Civil Rights laws, Abortion,
  4. Taxes IRS Code adjusting to keep it fair
    Marriage penalty, adjust deductions for inflation
  5. When you see something that is immoral "There ought to be a law."
  6. Legislating morality is not only constitutional, but unavoidable and necessary.
    The only question is "Whose morality should be legislated?"

Whose morality?

  1. Republicans, Democrats, Reform party, Green party?
  2. Catholics, Methodists, Baptists?
  3. Mine, yours, OR God's morality?

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