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TITLE: How to get more from a Sermon
TEXT: Matthew 7:28-29
PROPOSITION: Listeners must be prepared as well as the preacher.
KEY WORD: Suggestions

INTRODUCTION: You have heard – "I got a lot out of that sermon."

You have also heard, Shallow, Got nothing out of it, boring, dull, no depth.

I must admit – every preacher has some "duds".

However, the listener must be prepared to listen.

Come with the right attitude of mind

  1. One who comes expecting to be bored – will.
  2. One who comes looking for help – will find it.
  3. Proverbs 1:5 – A wise man will hear, and will increase.
  4. Come expecting to get something useful – you will find it.

Bring your Bible and paper (bulletin outline)

  1. In the bulletin is the outline with blank space for your notes.
  2. Bring your Bible!
  3. Noise of pages turning – is music to the preacher.
  4. Taking notes will help you remember the points important to you.

Use these notes during the week

  1. Review them – add other thoughts, scriptures
  2. Use them for dinner discussions
  3. Discuss how to apply them in the family

Tell others about the sermon

  1. People you contact at work will be interested
  2. We discuss news, weather, sports.
  3. Why not tell them what you heard Sunday?

Sit close to the front

  1. Many are not hearing the message.
  2. Mothers with babies and small children – keep bringing them.
  3. Those who do not have small children – sit in front of the babies.
  4. Hearing problem – we have devices available.

Be physically prepared

  1. It starts on Saturday night – get home early.
  2. Plan when to rise, what to wear, etc.
  3. We need to be alert, at our best to study God’s word.


  1. Preaching is a two-way street
  2. Preacher must study, be prepared
  3. Audience must be prepared to listen
  4. "Take heed WHAT you hear." Mark 4:24
  5. "Take heed HOW you hear." Luke 8:18

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