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TITLE: Live Like Caleb

TEXT: Joshua 14:7-12

PROPOSITION: More important than living long is living well.


KEY WORD: Instructions



  1. All of want to live a long life.
  2. Real issue is not living long but living well.
  3. Caleb is an example of both.


Avoid listening to the negative 8

  1. 10 of the 12 spies giants, can't take it
  2. I am sure this was discussed before they got home



Wholly follow the Lord 8

  1. Saul "claimed" to have followed the Lord in all things
  2. Keep the commandments Obey the Bible
  3. Young ruler What lack I yet?


Keep your faith in the promise of God 9

  1. Abraham believed God Romans 4:20-21
  2. Caleb remembered the promise made through Moses
  3. REMEMBER promise was kept 45 years later


Know your reason for living 10

  1. Why are you still alive?
  2. Is there any purpose in your living longer?


Keep your physical strength 11

  1. Diet, exercise, rest physical exercise
  2. Read, work puzzles, learn new things mental exercise
  3. Pray, study, learn spiritual exercise


Take on some Giants 12

  1. In our life we encounter some giants moral challenges
  2. Family Divorce, abuse, neglect
  3. Moral Abortion, Homosexuality, Pornography
  4. Personal What challenges are you facing?
  5. Will you avoid, seek to befriend OR face them head on?


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