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TITLE: How to buy a car (Own faith)
TEXT: Mark 9:21-23
PROPOSITION: Before faith can be effective, it must be possessed.
KEY WORD: Examples


  1. Janet and I decided it was time to look for a new car.
  2. The process we went through is similar to seeking a faith to own.

How to buy a car

  1. See – look, observe, drive through car lots
    Don’t get out – Attacked by a salesman
  2. Feel – sit in it, feel the seats, kick tires, look in trunk, raise the hood
    See all the buttons on the radio, dials on dash
  3. Test – drive, check power, test all the equipment
    Windows, locks, radio, heater, mirrors, etc.
  4. Possess – agree on a price and sign the papers, drive carefully, don’t ding it

How to have a faith of your own

  1. See – listen to others, attend a few churches, check web sites
  2. Feel – attend, observe, sense attitude of people, feel comfortable
  3. Test – study, ask questions, put to the test
  4. Possess – Hold, own, use, grow, treasure, protect, care for


  1. Children – Pass on your faith to your children.
    (See, Feel, Test, Possess)
  2. Visitors – Welcome and share your joy with them
    (See, Feel, Test, Possess)
  3. Discouraged – When our faith is weak, it needs support
    (See, Feel, Test, Possess)
  4. Lost – When people are searching for answers
    (See, Feel, Test, Possess)

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