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TITLE: Mark of the Beast

TEXT: Revelation 13:16-18

PROPOSITION: The church is at war against Satan.


KEY WORD: Participants



  1. Revelation was written to a persecuted church to encourage them.
  2. Any interpretation must focus on things "at hand" (1:3; James 5:8)
  3. I am not getting into methods of interpretation, date for the book.
  4. I will deal with two things
    Confusing explanations of 666.
    What is involved?

Confusing Explanations of 666. Who is the beast?

  1. Nero Caesar Hebrew letters = Nron Ksr Roman numerals = 666
  2. Historical view Latenios (Greek for Latin Roman Empire) Greek values=666
  3. Vicar of God (Vicarus Fili De) Roman numerals - 666
  4. Hitler A=100, B=101 Total=666
  5. Cute Purple Dinosaur (Barney) = 666
  6. Reduced to an absurdity = Not correct.
  7. The NUMBER is important Not the NAME.

Revelation 12-20 = War between God (church) and Satan (forces of evil).

Evil Forces at War

  1. Dragon, Satan, Devil 12:3-4, 7-17
  2. First beast 13:1-10 civil government, great power
  3. Second beast 13:11-17 Committee in alliance with the great power
  4. Babylon, Mother of Harlots = immorality

The Forces of Righteousness

  1. Led by God 14:1-20
  2. The Lamb standing on Mount Zion 14:1-13
  3. Faithful Christians (14:1-6)
  4. Their weapon the sickle of divine judgment 14:14-20

The Conclusion:

  1. Satan loses; God wins.
  2. Satan, beast, false prophet, Babylon (immoral) cast in lake of fire.
  3. Servants of God win heaven, eternal life, no fear of second death

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