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Last updated: December 16, 2003

NOTE: The following sermons are not in alphabetical order. The newest additions are on the top of this list.

Peeking - Have you every cheated, peeked in the wrapping to see the gift someone had given you? This sermon will look at the general subject of cheating. Everybody cheats. I will show you a time that Jesus cheated. Cheating is always a trade-off. We cheat one thing to accomplish something else.
Other Gods - How can our stomach become our god? Are there "other gods" in your life? Whatever is FIRST in your life is your "god".
You Have Not Obeyed - What happens when we do not obey God? Here are some lessons that we can learn about how God looks at our disobedience.
Right in Own Eyes - Everyone needs a moral compass. We must have some standard of right and wrong. Many today are without that direction. They are doing what is right in their own eyes.
Are you Mature? - There are different ways to measure maturity. A man might be strong, large, mature in physical strength, yet still be a child in emotional maturity. This sermon looks at the marks of immaturity and the marks of a mature person.
Preach Motives - Why do men spend hours in study to prepare and present sermons? What are the motives that would lead a man to become a preacher? This sermon looks at some good and wrong reasons to preach.
After His Passion - What do you do after the crisis is over? How do you recover from a serious setback? Learn from Jesus how He recovered after His passion.
Plan "A" is Jesus - There is not a Plan "B". Jesus is the only hope of salvation. This sermon looks at the key points to God's Plan "A" and shows that there is not any alternative.
Fable of the Pencil - The ordinary pencil that we often use (and abuse) has many important lessons to teach us about our life, influence and impact on others. NOTE: This is a sermon that my father preached many years ago. I have adapted his outline for this sermon.
After the Sop - Why is the "sop" mentioned so often in this text? What can we learn after Jesus hands us the sop?
I NEED to Worship - Not only is worship a command, I need what worship has to offer me. There are some needs of mine that are met in worship.
Self Fulfilling Prophecies - What we fear will happen - happens. What we don't want to do, we do. Why? We are often fulfilling the prophecies we make by our negative thinking.
Skunks and Turtles - How we handle stress and difficult times is visible in two major ways. Most of us are some combination of skunks and turtles. This sermon looks at how we react to adversity.
Saw Sharpening - We often say we don't have time to pray, read our Bible or use a daily planner. The truth is we don't have time NOT to "sharpen the saw" before we begin our day.
No Plan B - We often make back-up plans in case something goes wrong with our first idea. God does not have an alternate plan.
See the Invisible - Faith is the ability to see the invisible. Where is our faith? Can we see the things beyond our physical senses?
Slippery Slope of Sin - Many sins (especially hatred) are a dangerous and slippery slope. This sermon was developed and preached by Philip Womack.
Does God have a Plan for my life? - "What are your plans after graduation?" Do you plan to attend college? Is God involved in your plans? Does God have a plan for my life? Am I still in control of my future or is it already set and cannot be changed?
Reasons Not to Quit - We often feel like throwing in the towel. What's the use? Why bother? Here are some reasons to keep going.
Satan's Power - How much power does Satan have? Can he possess us beyond our control? Does he have any power at all? Do I have the ability to resist him?
Ruth's Mother-In-Law - Many marriages face a difficult challenge with the "in-laws". How did Ruth get along with her mother-in-law?
Meek Like Moses - Meekness is an often misunderstood word. What does it mean to be meek? How can I become - "Meek like Moses" was meek?
Setting Goals - Many do not reach their goal because they do not know how to set goals. This sermon followed a congregational meeting to set goals for the church.
Does God Intervene in Prayer? - Does God still answer prayer? How does God do that? Does God still step into our world and do something extra ordinary?
Perfect Christians? - This sermon looks at the issue of Eternal Security, also called Once Saved, Always Saved. Does 1 John 3 teach that once you become a Christian, you are perfect and never sin? Is is possible for a Christian to sin?
No Answer - There is a time when God will NOT answer your prayers.
Splitting Hairs - We try to make a difference in our personal behavior and our public life. We confuse good and evil.
Appointment of Deacons - Today we install, appoint, and ordain 3 additional deacons. This lesson touches on some common misunderstanding about deacons, their work, qualifications and appointment.
Preaching Christ - This is the lesson for the adult class in our VBS. It is a study of Philippians 1.
5 Sins of Sodom – Ezekiel tells us the other sins that doomed Sodom.
Has the Millennium started yet? – We are ending 2000 and entering 2001. How does God count time? What is on His calendar?
Sun, Stand Still – Our God is able to deliver us. Keep the faith.
Red in the Cup – Local ballot has “liquor-by-the-drink” issue. What does the Bible teach?
Other Brother – There was the Prodigal Son. Then there was the other brother.
Moldy Bread – Two wrongs do not make a thing right.
More than you Know – Sometimes we say more than we actually know.
Presence of God – God is present in our lives. This is a sermon in songs.
Sin that Damns – What is “the sin” which would cause one to be lost?
The Relative “No” – The relative no is where the Bible says, “It is not so much A as B.”
Satan’s Power – How can I oppose Satan and win?
What does the Holy Spirit do? – Romans 8 reveals the Spirit’s role and work.
Stand in the Gap – We must stand up and defend God before it is too late.
Questions for God – Why is there suffering? Why do good people hurt?
Don’t wear raincoats in the shower – A sermon for high school graduates.
Funeral No one Attended – King Jehoram died and no one cared.
Nothing but the Truth – Truth, by definition, is narrow and confining.
Mountains to Climb – Many are not involved with evangelism because of some obstacles in their way.
Frog in a Pothole – Life has its share of potholes.
Snakes and the Savior – Discouragement can lead to spiritual death.
Reasons we Sin – No excuses. Why is our resistance low?
Preacher’s Wife – In honor of our 33rd anniversary.
It is not Fair – Is God fair? Are we being fair with God?
Are you Salty? – What does salt do? Are we the salt of the earth?
Our Mediator – Jesus is our mediator.
A Shipwrecked Faith – Some have destroyed their faith.
A New Start – A new year is a good time to start over.
No Room for Christ – Many have no room for Christ in their lives.
Respect for others – Why do we lack respect for some?
Promised Land – Reaching the Promised Land means believing the promise.
Pitfalls of Leadership – There are dangers that church leaders should avoid.
Individual Responsibility – We must be responsible for our actions and decisions.
Profanity – There are several kinds of profane speech.
Scapegoat – Christ is our Scapegoat.
Mark of the Beast – There is much confusion on this topic.
Never Again List – We must learn to trust the promises of God.
Reviving Commitment – We need to be revived again.
Moral Collapse – Is there a moral majority?
What happened to the body? – Examines false theories about the resurrection.
Providence of God – God still provides for His people.
Only one body – Jesus is the head (singular) of his body (singular).
Meal not eaten in the kitchen – Mary and Martha learn some lessons about priorities and what is most important.
Are we the only ones? – We must not have a “holier-than-thou” attitude.
Powers of a mother’s influence – Mothers have great influence for good and evil.
Substitutes of brass – Some have replaced the gold with substitutes of brass.
No small stir – Christianity makes a difference in our world.
My church – The church is not mine by ownership. It is mine by participation.
Room in the kingdom – There is room for you in God’s kingdom.
Is there a Moral majority? – What is happening to our moral values?
Question no one asks – What have I done?
In remembrance of me – What is the communion all about?