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TITLE: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

TEXT: Romans 8:9-17

PROPOSITION: A gift is only useful when you know what it does.





1.        Get a gift What is it? How do you turn it on? What does it do?

2.        God, at baptism, gives us a gift. How are you using God's gifts?

3.        Tonight is a study of Romans 8.

4.        Verses 1 - 8 deal with the struggle between the carnal, human spirit, flesh and the Holy Spirit of God.

5.        Verses 9 - 17 describe the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians.


9 Indwelling -- If He does not dwell in you, then you are not part of the body of Christ. Does the Holy Spirit dwell in you? If "Yes", what does He do?


10 Alive -- The Holy Spirit makes the human spirit that was dead in sin to be alive because of righteousness.


11 Resurrection -- Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead because He dwelt in Christ. The same Spirit will make us immortal, eternal and incorruptable in Christ.


13 Overcome -- If we live to the flesh, we die. We can overcome the temptation to sin by putting to death the deeds of the flesh. This is accomplished "through the Spirit."


14 Led -- The Holy Spirit leads us in two ways. He leads us through the direction of the inspired Word, the Bible; AND through providence.


15 Adopted -- We become children of God by being adopted into His family. We were not "naturally born" children of God. The Spirit of God adopts us. We can say, "Abba, Father."


16 Witness -- This witnessing is not TO but WITH the human spirit. Three kinds of witnesses: 1] eye 2] expert 3] have knowledge about. The Holy Spirit assures us that we "can know" that we are children of God. Are you a child of God? No guesses!


17 Heirs -- Since we have been adopted, we are children will all the rights and privileges of children. We are heirs of all that God possesses. We are "joint-heirs" with Christ because he is also a "son of God."


The remainder of this chapter deals with the suffering, struggles, and pain that we experience. We are assured that God has provided a way for us to endure all that happens to us and still be strong in our faith.

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