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TITLE: Red in the Cup

TEXT: Proverbs 23:29-35

PROPOSITION: As Christians, we must speak out against immorality.


KEY WORD: Reasons



  1. Again on the ballot is the issue of liquor by the drink in Athens.
  2. I want to present some reasons this should be voted down again.


  1. Some say sin is drunk not drinking.
  2. Issue When is one drunk to the point where God would object?
    1st drink judgment, reason, and inhibitions are impaired
    3rd drink party happy lampshade on head
    4th drink vision is blurred, time and space distorted
    6th drink thick tongue, mumbled speech
    8th drink stumbling, staggering, unable to walk straight
    12th drink vomiting, headache, hang over
    14th drink passed out or dead (alcohol poisoning)

Pros and Cons

  1. Here is an ad FOR liquor by the drink
  2. Open door for many national chains to locate in Athens.
  3. Cookeville benefited from more than $100,000 in additional revenue
  5. On better restaurants coming no guarantee just open door
  6. On added revenue TRUE licenses, sales taxes, liquor taxes
  7. BUT Here is ad OPPOSED to liquor referendum.
    Annual cost to the economy caused by alcohol lost production, car insurance, crime, health costs, law enforcement

Logical reasoning

  1. In Atlanta in measurable costs - $6.41 for every $1 taken in.
  2. Nationwide average is $6 in added costs to get $1 in liquor revenue.
  3. Here are some questions to ask.

Name one city or county that voted in liquor by the drink and:

  1. The cases of domestic violence went down.
  2. The number of rapes declined.
  3. Major crimes (murder, armed robbery, assault, and burglary) decreased.
  4. The number of DUI arrests was reduced.
  5. The cases of child abuse went down.
  6. There was a reduction in the number of alcohol related auto accidents.
  7. Property taxes went down.
  8. The city or county needed to hire fewer police officers.
  9. The city or county had too much jail space.
  10. There were fewer fatalities in alcohol related accidents.
  11. There was a reduction in absentee rates at work places.
  12. There are fewer demands for welfare, food stamps, etc.
  13. The city or county needed fewer judges and courtrooms.
  14. There were fewer divorces.
  15. There were fewer child custody battles.
  16. Car insurance rates when down.

I can show you multiplied examples where liquor by the drink was voted in and ALL of these things INCREASED!

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