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TITLE: My Church
TEXT: II Cor. 9:2-4; II Cor. 7:4; II Cor. 8:24
PROPOSITION: Each member should feel a vital part of the local congregation.
KEY WORD: Criteria
READING: II Cor. 9:2-4


1. My church is wrong - belongs to Christ

A. Loved it B. Died for it

C. Purchased it D. His by right

2. My church is right -

A. I am a part of this church.

B. It is a part of me.

C. "Mine" like, bank, school, house is mine

3. Three criteria for this to become "My church."

I. Pride

A. Bad kind = arrogant, boastful, puffed up

B. Good kind = satisfaction, accomplishments

admit worth and value

accepting "us" for who we are

C. Learn to talk in "we" not "they" terms

D. Pride of my church is in:

1. The Past accomplishments, preachers, elders

2. The Present - What we are doing now

3. The Future - Where we are headed

II. Presence

A. Develop a desire to be here.

1. Sometimes you have to be gone.

2. Don't WANT to be elsewhere.

B. Out of town = hurts -

1. Me 2. The church 3. Class

C. Think what you will miss:

1. Class 2. Singing 3. My sermon

III. Promotion – Cheerleader

A. VBS song - Be a BOOSTER!

B. Remember your school spirit?

1. Do that for the Lord.

2. Speak only GOOD things. (Philippians 4:8)

C. Be a cheerleader. 1. Make others wish they attended here.

2. Express your loyalty to this church.


1. This is YOUR church. Give to support, sing, pray, work for its growth.

2. Have Pride, be Present, be a Promoter.

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