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TITLE: The Preacher's Wife
TEXT: Psalm 128:1-6
PROPOSITION: There are several necessary qualities to be a valuable preacher's wife.
KEY WORD: Qualities


  1. "Preacher's wife" is not an office in the church.
  2. Many have made it that. Some have special rules.
  3. It is not essential that a preacher be married.
  4. Yesterday – married – 33 years.
  5. To survive - some qualities are necessary.

I. Necessary Qualifications

A. Faithful Christian

B. Be themselves.

  1. Can't be what everyone wants her to be.
  2. She must be herself.

C. Use their talents.

  1. Teach children.
  2. Sing at funerals, etc.
  3. Oversee the "Bears" work.
  4. Hospitality - Class, Teens, PEP, whole church
  5. Teach the lost - OBS.
  6. Take food, host showers, babysit

II. Helpful Qualities

A. Adaptability

  1. Move - old house, rent apt., buy house
  2. New congregations - Lots of names to learn
  3. Size town – Big city, small community, rural area

B. Selflessness

  1. Time is occupied by so many demands.
  2. Evenings are often a rare treat.

C. Friendliness

  1. She will be involved with people.
  2. Many judge the church, preacher, by wife.

D. Self-esteem

  1. Live in a fish bowl
  2. Much criticism, for little things
  3. "I am still a person of value and worth."

E. Mental toughness

  1. Strength of character
  2. Durability
  3. Able to bounce back
  4. Unwilling to be run over by overbearing people.


  1. Don't demand perfection.
  2. Poem: "The Preacher's Wife" (below)


The Preacher’s Wife

There is one person in your church
Who knows your preacher’s life;
She’s wept and smiled and prayed for him,
And that’s your preacher’s wife.

She knows your prophet’s weakest point
And knows his greatest power;
She’s heard him speak in trumpet tone
In his great triumph hour.

She’s heard him groaning in his soul,
When raged the bitter strife
As, hand in his, she knelt with him –
For she’s the preacher’s wife.

The crowd has seen him in his strength
When glistened his drawn sword
As underneath God’s banner folks
He faced the devil’s horde.

But she knows deep within her heart
That scarce an hour before
She helped him pray for strength from God
Behind a closed door.

You tell your tale of prophets brave
Who walked across the world
And changed the course of history
By burning words they hurled.

And I will tell how back of them
Some women lived their lives;
Who wept with them and smiled with them –
They were the preacher’s wives!

Author Unknown

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