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TITLE: Preaching more than you Know

TEXT: Jeremiah 23:25-29

PROPOSITION: We must make sure of our sources before we preach or teach.


KEY WORD: Sources



  1. Many preachers (Benny Hinn and Jimmy Swaggert, for example) preach about God speaking to them in dreams, driving their car, in an airplane, etc.
  2. This text addresses this problem.


Study the text

  1. People can prophesy (teach) lies by claiming to have had a dream.
  2. They claim God spoke to them in this dream, vision, etc.
  3. They are "preaching more than they know."
  4. God responds with the following points:
    1. If you have a dream say it was a dream.
    2. If you have the Word say it is the Word of God
    3. Word is like a fire burns in the soul
    4. Word is like a hammer breaks apart all the false claims


  1. Today many are preaching statistics no proof
  2. Divorces are on the rise actually divorce is down for last 15
    Lower now than since 1980.
  3. Crime is rising rapidly actually down for last 6 years
  4. Real problem Marriages are down many just living together
  5. Real problem Crime is down quicker communication network
    A. 20 years ago nightly news 30 minute summary

B. Now CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc 24 hours CNN Headline news

C. Live coverage of O. J. in a Bronco

Rumors, Hoaxes

  1. FCC taking religious programs off the air
    New version Taking "Touched by an Angel" off the air
  2. Janet Reno defines "cult" to include all devout religious people
  3. Kidney theft victim wakes up in tub of ice water
  4. Proctor and Gamble run by church of Satan
  5. Chain letters bring fortune, luck
    These are wrong even if no money is involved
  6. Paid for forwarding emails Microsoft will trace them and pay you
  7. Million $ cookie recipe from Nieman-Marcus

Personal Experiences

  1. Dreams, visions, ideas that come to you
  2. Angels appearing in your life
  3. Providence of God solving your problems
  4. Mordecai asked Who knows? (Esther 4:14)


  1. We will be busy enough preaching what we know from God's Word.
  2. Stop spreading the rumors, statistics, etc.
  3. Check your source. Is it from God?

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