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TITLE:  How Not to Quit
TEXT:  Titus 1:10-16
PROPOSITION:  There are many reasons not to quit serving God.
KEY WORD:  Reasons


  1. Worn out, stressed out, tired, can’t go on, ready to throw in the towel?
  2. So was Titus – false teachers, gossip, insubordinate – You can’t work with these people! Just quit.
  3. Jeremiah 20:9 – Jeremiah was ready to quit, sit by the road, stop being God’s prophet
  4. Mothers, fathers, spouses, students, workers, and Christians – all who are ready to quit – THIS SERMON IS FOR YOU!


  1. God punishes those He loves –
    Hebrews 12:6 – whom the Lord loves, he chastens
  2. I will regret it in a few days –
    I will be acting on impulse, instability, insincerity
    Right of rescission – change your mind
  3. I will disappoint other people –
    Others have confidence in me at church
    My family, friends, and co-workers
    God will be disappointed
  4. I will be ungrateful to Christ –
    After what Christ went through for me
    Salvation, preparing a place for me in heaven
    All the material blessings
  5. I will be ungrateful to all who got me this far –
    Encouragement, support, family
    Friends, teachers, employers
    All who trusted me, helped me along the way, had patience to train and help
  6. I might lead others to quit –
    My influence, others looking to me
  7. I will miss the blessings of heaven –
    Name blotted out, lose my reward
    Later end is worse than first –2 Peter 2:20
  8. I will not like the feeling of separation from God –
    Prayer life hindered
    Feeling that God has left me alone, dangling
  9. If I quit, I will be tempted into deeper sins –
    Farther from God
    Harder to return
  10. I will be rejecting Jesus –
    Jesus is with me when I am discouraged
    If I quit, I will be rejecting Jesus


  1. Don’t quit – There are more reasons to keep on keeping on, than to quit
  2. God, Jesus, this church, your family, friends and many others need you to keep going.

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