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TITLE:  I NEED to Worship
TEXT:  Mark 3:31-35
PROPOSITION:  Worship is not just a command, but a real personal need.
KEY WORD:  Reasons



  1. Most sermons on church attendance focus on the command to assemble. (Hebrews 10:25)
  2. I MUST assemble to worship because I am commanded.
  3. I NEED to assemble to worship because:

Family Reunion

  1. Mark 3:31-35 – Every Sunday if family reunion time
  2. Announcements – catch up on what is happening in the family
  3. Bulletin, e-bulletin (on website)
  4. Visit in the foyer and halls before and after worship


  1. I have things to learn
  2. I am keeping up with what I need to serve God in my life.
  3. I will grow in faith, strengthen my convictions and bolster my courage.


  1. Auditorium is often called “sanctuary” – safe place
  2. Away from the toils and troubles of everyday life
  3. Here I can focus – think, re-direct my life


  1. Neighbors see me leave every Sunday
  2. We influence many people in ways we are not aware
  3. My faith is visible in my actions

Memorial service

  1. Jesus died for ME!
  2. There is a memorial service to honor that death.
  3. Why would you NOT be there?

Victory celebration

  1. Jesus did not stay in the tomb, he is alive
  2. 1 Corinthians 15:57 – thanks to God who gives us the victory
  3. Worship is not a funeral – It is a celebration

Spend time with my Father

  1. I am a child of God. God is my heavenly Father.
  2. I want (and need) to spend some time with Him.


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