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TITLE: Is there a Moral Majority?
TEXT: Romans 3:10-18
PROPOSITION: We must make some progress in the war for morality.
KEY WORD: Guidelines


  1. Paul Weyrich – article – (attached)
  2. Here is my point this morning – Are we making progress?
  3. Are we reaching, teaching, and converting as rapidly as Satan?
  4. Have we lost the majority? Are morals in the minority now?

Decide Your Moral Values

  1. Define right and wrong in clear terms – for yourself and family.
  2. Should be able to write on postcard and still have room to greet the family.
  3. Study the Bible – Make the decision – Stick with it.

Live by that Standard

  1. Many say, "Do as I say, not as I do."
  2. Before we can ask others to make moral choices – We must be moral.
  3. No Exceptions – Ifs, Ands or Buts – Stick to your decision.
  4. Divorce, Abortions, Homosexuality, Division – Among Christians.
  5. We can not TEACH what is right until we ARE what is right.
  6. Restaurant – Business – Home – Salesman - Phone

Teach Morality

  1. Churches using Andy Griffith, Barney Fife to teach moral values.
  2. Better Idea – Use the Word of God to teach right and wrong.
  3. Reduce the "gray areas" which has expanded over recent years.
  4. Be clear about right and wrong – not situation ethics – clear choice.
  5. Classes – Sermons – Home – Work

Changing the World

  1. Begins with ME.
  2. FRAN – Friends, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors
  3. In the world – Wal-Mart, Bank, Post Office, IRS
  4. By Example – Speak Out – Stand Up – Be Counted


Does America Have

A "Moral Majority"?


"We probably have lost the culture war," a founder of the modern conservative movement said. Paul Weyrich, who coined the phrase "moral majority," sent a personal letter last month to supporters saying "politics has failed" and that "I no longer believe there is a moral majority." Americans have "adopted, in large measure, the MTV culture that we so valiantly opposed just a few years ago, and it has permeated the thinking of all but those who have separated themselves from the contemporary culture."

"What we've been doing for 30 years hasn't worked," said Weyrich, who was influential in forming the Christian Coalition, the Free Congress Foundation, and the Heritage Foundation. "While I'm not suggesting that we all become Amish and move to Idaho...we need some sort of quarantine."

Radicals during the 1960s used the slogans Turn on, Tune in, and Drop out, Weyrich said. He suggested that conservatives Turn Off (the television and video games), Tune Out (the mainstream culture), and Drop Out (of politics).

He urged conservatives to keep voting, but to stop expecting big changes from the ballot box. If conservatives have a choice between campaigning for a pro-life candidate and volunteering at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, choose the latter, he advised. Even if abortion was declared illegal, "in this culture you would create such an enormous underground you'd make Prohibition seem paltry."

Weyrich's disillusionment shocked some conservatives, and he reportedly heard from a number who asked for a retraction. The letter "touched a chord like nothing else I've ever done," Weyrich told The Washington Post. "People keep writing to say that I've put into words something they have been thinking for a long time."

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