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TITLE: A New Start
TEXT: Philippians 3:12-16
PROPOSITION: A New Year gives us a chance for a new start.
KEY WORD: Directions


  1. January = Janus - god with two faces
    Backward - Despair, sorrow Forward - Hope, confidence
  2. As you begin this New Year - think of it as a New Start.

1. We should forget things behind. (13)

A. Past Sins must be forgiven.

1 John 1:9 Confess our sins, just to forgive us, cleanse us

B. Past Success must be forsaken.

New race - old races don’t count in this one.

Not rest on past accomplishments.

C. Past problems are in the past.

Do not keep going back, digging it up.

2. We should envision the things that are before us. (14)

A. The eventualities of life.

"Those things which are before"

We need not be terrified, or disturbed

Life has its risks, dangers, setbacks, etc.

B. The responsibilities of life.

"Prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus"

Keep your eye on the goal - finish line.

3. We should fulfill the things that are beyond us.

  1. Reach farther than before.
  2. Reach for stars beyond our grasp.
  3. Strive for new mountain peaks to climb.
  4. We have not already arrived, Not already perfect

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