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TITLE: Question No One Asks
TEXT: Jeremiah 8:4-7
PROPOSITION: Instead of blaming others, we need to inspect ourselves.
KEY WORD: Questions

INTRODUCTION: God explains the reason for the captivity.

No one repented.

No one asked, "What have I done?"

What have I done - - -

With Jesus?

  1. Denied
  2. Betrayed
  3. Confessed
  4. Obeyed
  5. Followed

With the church?

  1. Attend?
  2. Support?
  3. Work?
  4. Teach, visit, restore erring?
  5. Teach the lost?

With the Bible?

  1. Read it?
  2. Study it?
  3. Obey it?
  4. Share it with others?

With prayer?

  1. Moved mountains?
  2. Prayed for – Elders, Preacher, Deacons, Teachers?
  3. Prayed for – Lost, Erring, Weak, Members?

With God’s message?

  1. Around the world?
  2. Around the city?
  3. Around my neighborhood?
  4. Around my house?

With God’s warning?

  1. Two ways and gates – Narrow and wide
  2. Two trees – Bad fruit and Good fruit
  3. Two foundations – Sand or rock
  4. Two eternities – Heaven or Hell

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