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TITLE: After His Passion
: Acts 1:1-11
: Jesus shows us how to act after we have suffered.
: Which?
WORD: Actions
: Acts 1:1-5


1.        Define "passion" To suffer, to be in pain, to be persecuted

2.        Before suffering - go on as normal; During suffering - endure

3.        What do you do after the suffering is over?

4.        There are no books in my library on how to get back to normal after the crisis or suffering is over.

Continue to Live   (1-5)

A.      Jesus is our example - He:

1.        Was seen  - 3

2.        Was alive - 3

3.        Taught - 3

4.        Assembled - 4

B.       After the suffering is over:

1.        Get out - be seen

2.        You are still alive! Look alive!

3.        Teach what you have learned.

4.        Worship God. Praise God for His help.

Continue to Plan    (6-8)

A.      Jesus still had plans to:

a.       Establish the kingdom

b.       Send power of the Holy Spirit

c.       Send message to all the earth

B.       What are your plans?

a.       Tomorrow?

b.       Your children? marriage? family?

c.       Your work? service in the church?

d.       Eternity?

Continue to Rise   (9-10a)

A.      Jesus:

a.       Arose from the grave

b.       Went to the mount of Olives

c.       Was taken up clouds

d.       Out of sight heaven

B.       Phoenix - Arise out of the ashes

C.       We must rise:

a.       Out of the suffering

b.       Head for the mountains

c.       Through the clouds

d.       Heaven is the stopping place

Continue to Hope    (10b-11)

A.      After the ascension:

a.       Two men (angels)

b.       Why look into the clouds?

c.       He is coming back.

B.       We must learn to hope

a.       When all else is lost - hope

b.       Look up

c.       This is the source of strength

d.       Psalm 46:1 God is my refuge, very present help in time of trouble

e.       We are not forsaken or forgotten

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