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TITLE: Frog In A Pothole

TEXT: Romans 6:12-17

PROPOSITION: We can get out of sinful holes.






1. Every spring - potholes in the roads.

2. Our lives also get potholes in them.

a. Problems and troubles

b. Sin and evil

c. Wrong direction in our thinking

3. Frog in a deep pothole - could not jump out - trapped - next day seen in town - OK - asked How? answer - "A truck was coming and I HAD TO GET OUT."

4. Here are three ways to get out of your potholes.


I. We must choose - not straddle the fence


1.        Exodus 32:26 Who is on the Lord's side?

2.        Joshua 24:15 Choose ye this day

3.        Deuteronomy 30:19 Choose life or death bless or curse

4.        I Kings 18:21 How long halt between two opinions?

5.        Matthew 6:24 Can't serve two masters

6.        Indecision will kill you!


II. Know where you are - the danger you are in


1.        John 8:34, 44 Servant of sin, your father = devil

2.        Acts 8:23 Bond of iniquity, gall -bitterness

3.        Romans 6:16 servant of sin or righteousness?

4.        II Peter 2:19 in bondage to sin

5.        Crisis = Not have a clear understanding of situation, distorted reality


III. Decide to act NOW!


1.        Matthew 12:50 Do the will of the Father

2.        John 7:17 Will to do his will

3.        Ephesians 6:6 Do will of God from heart

4.        Hebrews 4:7 Today, do not harden your heart

5.        There is danger in not acting NOW.



1. A boy was pushing father in wheelchair past cemetery - two men inside dividing fish - "Now get those two outside the fence." Father beats son home. Mother says, "Go back and get pa's wheelchair, pa can't walk a step."

2. "Now is the accepted time, today is the day of salvation." II Corinthians 6:2



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