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TITLE: A Shipwrecked Faith
TEXT: Acts 27:9-44
PROPOSITION: God warns us that it is possible to shipwreck our faith.
KEY WORD: Causes
READING: I Timothy 1:18-20


  1. I Timothy 1:18-20 Some have a shipwrecked faith
  2. I Timothy 6:9 Men drown in destruction and perdition
  3. Ephesians 4:14 Tossed to and fro by winds of doctrine
  4. From Acts 27 and the shipwreck of Paul we can learn how we cause the shipwreck of our faith.

I. Let Her Drive 15

A. Turn loose, let go, let the wind blow you

B. Many today turn loose of their faith.

II. Lighten the Load 18 - 19

A. Throw away all the important things.

  1. The tackling of the ship.
  2. Some of the sails.
  3. All the cargo.

B. When we shipwreck our faith - what do we throw away?

III. Lift the Anchor 40

A. Remove the only stable thing in your life.

B. Oue anchor is "HOPE"

IV. Loose Your Appetite 21, 33

  1. Paul tells them to "Cheer up"
  1. Matthew 5:5 Hunger and thirst after right.
  2. I Peter 2:2 Desire the milk of the Word

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