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TITLE: No Answer
TEXT: Proverbs 1:24-33
PROPOSITION: There are situations where God will not answer our cry for mercy.
KEY WORD: Situations
  1. Our Phone Tree - calling system gives a report
  2. Three things - a) Ans. by person, b) Ans. by machine, c) Called maximum times
  3. Some people say they pray, but seem to “get no answer.”
  4. Sometimes God answers, “No” or “Wait awhile.”

Can't blame God: He tried 24
  1. “I called”
  2. “I stretched out my hand”
  3. Counsel and rebuke were disdained
  4. Parable in Mark 12:1-12 - Sent prophets and finally his son
  5. Luke 16:31 - They have Moses and prophets
  6. God sent His son to die for us
  7. was despised and rejected - Isaiah 53

Some refused to heed 24-25
  1. We are not ignorant of God's will
  2. Refusal to heed = rebellion
  3. Not that they COULD not understand
  4. They WOULD not try!

God will not respond to your cry 26-27
  1. Laugh = NOT: funny, like a joke - It is not funny to God
  2. Laugh = scorn, ridicule
  3. Hebrew word = mock, to deride
  4. Atheist - calls on God in crisis - God will not answer
  5. Atheist Dial-A-Prayer - It just rings, and rings, and rings.

Saved or Lost is a matter of attitude 29-33
  1. Lost = Hate knowledge, despise rebuke
  2. Result = Eat their own fruit, slain, destroyed
  3. Saved = Listen to God's will
  4. Result = Dwell safely, secure, not fear evil

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