TITLE: Respect for Others

TEXT: Acts 13:16-18

PROPOSITION: God will not put up with disrespect.


KEY WORD: Places



  1. God does not endure a lack of esteem, honor or respect.
  2. Today seems to be a scarcity of respect for others.
  3. Why does there seem to be so little respect?
  4. Where is there a lack of respect visible?
  5. How can respect be returned to our lives?


  1. Not taught Children see parents and learn to disrespect
  2. Selfish attitude (Me first)
  3. Respect must be earned NOT TRUE!
    Trust must be earned respect is automatic.


  1. Home/Family Obey parents, siblings, "Honor parents", Spouse
  2. School Principle, teachers, custodian, coach, books
  3. Work Boss, fellow-workers, pride in work, product care
  4. Church teachers, elders, deacons
  5. Government President, Congress, (rated just above used-car salesmen
  6. Shopping crowd into lines, shove, grab, block asiles with cart
  7. Buildings Graffitti, break windows,
  8. Property Break, borrow and not return

How can respect be returned?

  1. Learn to respect God, Bible, church.
  2. If you respect God other things will fall into place.

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