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TITLE: Snakes and the Savior

TEXT: Numbers 21:4-9

PROPOSITION: Discouragement can lead to death.


KEY WORD: Reasons



  1. Here is a story in the OT that will help us learn the damage of discouragement.
  2. Observe four ways discouragement can attack us.



  1. The Past
    A. Last 40 years death, dust, disappointment
    B. Always moving Going nowhere
  2. Hardships of life
    A. Needs Food, water, rest, desert heat
    B. Hills and rocks, no grass
  3. Lack of direction or progress
    Not making progress
    Where are we headed?
    When will we get there?
  4. Family problems
    Problem was caused by Edom (Esau).
    Remember Esau is Jacob's twin brother.
    We will "compass the land of Edom."



  1. They complained about Moses and God.
  2. They spoke against the food from God (manna).
  3. They were always seeking the next water hole.



  1. Fiery serpents came among them
  2. The Lord SENT the snakes.
  3. The snakes bit then and the bite was fatal.



  1. Moses prayed for the people (intercession).
  2. A brass snake was made; put on a pole in the center of camp.
  3. Whoever looked would live.



  1. Be alert to discouragement and where it can lead.
  2. Look and live.
    A. Look to God Faith and obedience
    B. Live eternal life

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