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TITLE: Individual Responsibility

TEXT: Matthew 24:10-13

PROPOSITION: God has given to each of us responsibilities.


KEY WORD: Responsibilities



1. Many turn back and "walk no more with him". John 6:66 2. Many are content to sit on the sidelines, spectators, just watch.

3. Some complain about little growth, lack of enthusiasm - but do nothing.

1. Every picture of judgment is a condemnation of failure to do.

A. Marriage Feast Luke 14:15-24

1. Began to make excuse. Refused call of bridegroom.

2. Christianity is NOT a "Do - Nothing" religion.

B. Ten Virgins Matthew 25:1-13

1. Failed to make preparation.

2. Wanted others to "bail them out" of their trouble.

C. The Rich Farmer Luke 12:13-21

1. Mistake - Living for SELF, only for SELF.

2. Many today are making the same mistake.

D. Rich Man in Hades Luke 16:19-31

1. There is not a SECOND CHANCE for salvation.

2. Can't come back and Re Do our lives.


A. My attitude toward God Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible

B. Desire for Truth; the Bible 1 Peter 2:2 Desire the milk of the Word

C. Passion the church Ephesians 5:25 Christ loved the church

D. Affection for Jesus Colossians 3:4 Christ, who is our life


A. Refuse to hear Christ = Cut off. Acts 3:22-23

B. Hear and Obey = Saved Hebrews 5:8-9


    1. Others can share burdens.
    2. Your responsibility is YOURS ALONE.
    3. Are you living up to your responsibilities?

Things Have Changed

Hugh Brooks

Once upon a time, as children, we climbed on monkey bars and swung in worn-out tires. We had BB guns which could put your eye out, so we were careful not to point them there. We had rockets that would fly out of sight on water pressure and slingshots that would hurl rocks a city block. We jumped on pogo sticks and tottered around on homemade stilts. Most days, we set out on our bicycles in search of adventure. Chunkin' rocks, wallowing in ditches searching for tadpoles and minnows. We played mumblety-peg and whittled wood into whistles with scout knives.

To those raised in the climate of litigation that strangles our present society, out surviving long enough to become parents is viewed as a modern miracle. I see it differently. We survived the perils of our youth because our parents made us responsible for our own safety, and held us accountable for our mistakes. If we fell off our bike while riding backward to impress Mary Beth Smith, I knew that I, and on one else, would be punished. If we fell out of the swing set, and many did, we wore a plaster cast and lost six weeks of playing street football.

If our homemade stilts collapsed while playing in our Sunday clothes, we knew that our knees would heal before our privileges would be restored. In short, we knew we would bear the consequences for our own mistakes. So we learned to look both ways before crossing a street, to tie our shoestrings tightly, and to never place our Slip 'n' Slide within thirty feet of a tree. It was all part of growing up.

We live in a society where nothing can be our fault, where our fortunes and failures are determined by cultural forces other than personal effort. Our microwave ovens not bear stickers warning us not to place live animals in them. Our cars won't operate unless we buckle up, depress the clutch, place one foot on the break, and turn down the radio. "The devil made me do it" once a punch line, has become a legitimate defense to any unlawful or immoral act.

Somewhere, somehow, those lessons got lost. In the process of growing older, we forgot what we learned while growing up. It's time we reinstill values of responsibility and accountability in our children again and stop the downward slide toward blamelessness. Before they slip away.

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