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TITLE:  Are we Perfect?
TEXT:  1 John 3:6-9
PROPOSITION:  Some teach that it is impossible for Christians to sin.
KEY WORD:  Words


  1. There is a doctrine called “Eternal Security”, “Once Saved, Always Saved” and several other names.
  2. The idea is – When one becomes a Christian – nothing they do from that point on can cause them to lose their salvation.
  3. This error brings comfort to sinning Christians, but is not taught in the New Testament.
  4. There are two things to watch for in all the passages used in an attempt to prove OSAS:
    1. Present active – currently in progress, “I am walking” – continuing action, now going on and continues to go on
    2. Conditional promises – IF you do this, you will never be lost.

 Look at our text:

 1 John 3:6

  1. If you abide (continue, remain) in Him, you do not sin.
  2. There is a condition – remain, abide, and continue.
  3. Cannot interpret this passage to say – impossible to sin (1 John 2:1)

 1 John 3:7

  1. Do not allow yourself to be deceived – It is possible to be led astray
  2. Righteousness = doing right – not just being in the right place


1 John 3:8

  1. Key word – Practices – habitual habit
  2. Present active – “He who keeps on doing sin”

 1 John 3:9

  1. Everyone born of God = a Christian, born again
  2. Does not practice, live in, continue to sin as his course of life
  3. Do we sin – Yes – But we don’t want to – Not our intent, nature, purpose
  4. When we sin – we seek forgiveness – see 1 John 2:1
  5. When we are born of God:
    1. We become His children, His offspring
    2. We have his “seed” (nature) in us
    3. Even when we sin – We still have a nature that opposes sin
  6. Cannot = We will not, don’t want to, not our nature, not where we abide


  1. If you are a child of God – You have God in you (His seed, His nature)
  2. Don’t wander away
  3. You will still sin, but it is not your lifestyle, your nature, your on going practice

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