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TITLE: Stand in the Gap

TEXT: Ezekiel 22:29-31

PROPOSITION: As the walls of truth crumble, we must fill in the gap.


KEY WORD: Reasons



  1. In 2 days will be our nations birthday – July 4th – 224 yr. old
  2. My goal is to preach the gospel – not politics.
  3. Sometimes the two come together or cross paths.
  4. Recently – Supreme Court decision – prayer at sports events
  5. Supreme Court ruled that student led prayer before sports events are wrong.
  6. Slowly, public worship is being taken away.
    Bible reading, prayer, student led prayer, God is being erased!
  7. Next on the ACLU's list – graduation reference's to God, invocations
  8. THEN – chaplains at hospitals, prayer in congress and Supreme Court
  9. FINALLY – removal of all references to God on public buildings


  1. How did we get this way? (26-29)

Become hardened to the lost, weak, needy, oppressed

Lose our ability to be ashamed

Allow sin and evil to go unchecked – stop the drug dealers

Stop the prostitutes,


  1. God is seeking men to fill in the gap. (30)

God is looking for a man to stand in the opening.

Enough is enough. Enough is too much!

Abraham – 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, 10 seeking righteous people in 5 cities

(Genesis 18:22-33)

Jeremiah 5:1 – run back and forth, find a man who seeks truth

Psalm 11:3 – If the foundations are destroyed, what can we do?


  1. Failure to stand will result in tragedy. (31)

When others are oppressed – we must stand up.

When they come for us – no one will be around to defend

God will punish the evildoers for their sins

God will also punish those who do not defend truth

Philippians 1:17 – set for the defense of the gospel

Jude 3 – contend earnestly for the faith



  1. Sheep cower and huddle together.
  2. A muffled "Baaa" or "Waaa" is all that is heard.
  3. Too timid (afraid) to stand up and speak out. (See Rev. 21:8)
  4. In following God – We must be sheep.
  5. Submissive sheep know who their master is.
  6. If we follow Satan like sheep, who is our master?


3 Sheep Mentalities

  1. Maranatha – Jesus come quickly!
    Hunker down and wait for Jesus to come.
    It will all be over soon.
    Wait for the sky to roll back like a scroll.
  2. Head down, mouth shut. (school of fish)
    When the barracuda come – scatter, dart around, hard to catch
    Some will be eaten – most will escape – that time
    Not concerned that others are eaten – Just not me!
  3. Blessed Martyr
    Satan has learned that martyrs give him bad PR
    Chances of becoming a Joan of Arc or Martin Luther are slim.
    If bluff is called – Die or scamper away – either way you lose.


Analyze the Options

  1. Maranatha – 50/50 chance it will work out.
    Jesus comes – OK – Not come – your dead meat
    If Jesus does not come for 1,000 years, "Nice knowing you."
  2. Wild dog – Satan is never full, does not stop, keeps devouring
  3. Martyr – If they do not rally for God, they will not rally behind you.


Wild Dogs

  1. Satan is like a wild dog –roaming, looking for the weak, slow, infirm.
  2. He is an opportunistic feeder.
  3. He will eat the bloated carcass when there is nothing else to eat.
    Already dead – Not going anywhere


Follow the Lion of Judah

  1. In his death, Jesus was the Lamb of God.
  2. In his resurrection, He is the Lion of Judah. (Revelation 5:5)
  3. We are part of the "pride" of Jesus (Proverbs 28:1)
  4. We must have the boldness of Peter and John. (Acts 4:13)



  1. We must stand in the gap (stand for truth and what is right).
  2. Our faith MUST be public and not ashamed. (Romans 1:16)

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