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TITLE: Bound for the Promised Land

TEXT: Genesis 12:1-4

PROPOSITION: The Promised Land for Israel was not dying and going to heaven.


KEY WORD: Promises



  1. Song – "I am bound for the promised land" (# 889)
  2. Other verses point to –Death, Heaven
  3. In Joshua – they were not dying – they were getting the promise.
  4. Bound for the promised land means – "Headed for Faith"

F – ollow – Joshua 3:3

  1. See the ark carried by priests, - Follow it.
  2. Our faith MUST be willing to follow.
  3. Children play "Follow the Leader"

A – mazing – Joshua 3:5

  1. God will do amazing things.
  2. When we have the faith to follow.
  3. What amazing things did they see?
    Jordan river opens for them; Jericho walls fall down

I – mpossible – Joshua 3:15

  1. River at flood stage.
  2. Priests touch the water, river stops for them.
  3. God can do Impossible things for us.

T – rust – Joshua 3:7-8

  1. I will exalt you that they may know (trust)
  2. Is God with you? Can others know your trust?
  3. Song – Trust and Obey – There is no other way (# 915)

H – ear – Joshua 4:6

  1. Keep telling the story.
  2. Each generation needs to know, hear the message.
  3. To some – old, heard it all before, nothing new.
  4. To others – it is new, exciting
  5. Faith comes by hearing – Romans 10:17


  1. Are you "bound for the promised land" of faith.
  2. Do you believe the promises of God?
  3. Are you ready to Trust and Obey?


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