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TITLE: Moldy Bread

TEXT: Joshua 9:3-27

PROPOSITION: Two wrongs do not equal a right.


KEY WORD: Wrongs

READING: Joshua 9:11-15



                1. Many believe that two wrongs equal a right. NOT SO.

                2. Here is an example of where both sides were wrong.


I. Gibeonites

                A. Lied - Planned Deception (4)

                                1. About the country of origin.

                                                a] Said from a far country. (6)

                                                b] Really only 3 days away. (17)

                                2. About their provisions (12-13)

                                                a] Mouldy bread

                                                b] Broken wine-skins

                                                c] Worn-out clothes and shoes

                B. Brought God into the picture.  (9)

                                1. Many use God's name in vain.

                                                a] Profanity is one way

                                                b] Make vain promises is another

                                2. Many call God as their witness

                                                a] Mother, "I sware to God, I'll kill him."

                                                b] Hospital rooms; Jail cells; Funeral homes

                                3. Makes it sound genuine

                                                a] They hope you don't check the facts

                                                b] One appears to be sincere

                                4. A lie can be the truth with a false motive


II. Israel

                A. Did not check with the Lord  (14)

1.        Made peace with them.

2.        Will allow them to live.

3.        James 4:15 "Say, If the Lord wills..."

                B. Swore to it.   (15)

                                1. Can't kill them.  (19)

                                2. Locked them in.  No "King's X" Can't take back.

                                                a] Marriage vows.                    b] Contract.

                                3. James 5:12 "Swear not at all."

                C. Looked for a loophole. (21)

1.        Boy.."Not pulling cat's tail. I am hanging on, he is pulling."

2.    Get caught - instead of repent - look for loop-hole - hunt for an escape clause

3.    Who can we blame?

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