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TITLE: The Other Brother

TEXT: Luke 15:25-32

PROPOSITION: The older brother was also a prodigal son.


KEY WORD: Attitudes



  1. Luke 15 tells 3 parables Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Prodigal Son
  2. Each parable is a description of a type of lost soul
    Coin = not aware he is lost
    Sheep = aware but can't find his way home
    Prodigal = aware and knows the way home
  3. Today we need to examine the 4th type of lost soul
  4. Think about the Other Brother



  1. He was angry 28
  2. Angry at the wrong person
  3. Expressed anger in wrong way
  4. Is your anger justified? Jonah


Childish Pouts Selfish

  1. Would not go in 28
  2. Be childish in your humility, forgiveness, acceptance
  3. Do not be a child in your behavior 1 Corinthians 13:11
  4. 1 Corinthians 14:20 Children in malice Mature in understanding
  5. Did not want to share It's mine and you can't have it.


Thought love can be bought

  1. I worked all these years no party 29
  2. Not bribed, bought, barter



  1. You never gave me a party 29
  2. KEY "Never" or "Always"
  3. "Never say never"


Rejoice over sin? Vs. Forgiveness

  1. Spent his money with harlots give him a party 30
  2. Forgive = let go, put behind and go on from here
  3. Many claim to forgive but do not forget


Can't rejoice

  1. It was right that we should make merry 32
  2. It is always right to rejoice when one repents



  1. Prodigal = wasteful
  2. Younger son = wasted his living (inheritance)
  3. Other brother wasted his life

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