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TITLE:  Testing God
TEXT:  Judges 6:11-40
PROPOSITION:  We can test God, just as God can test us.
KEY WORD:  Tests
SCRIPTURE READING:  Judges 6:36-40



  1. There are two words often confused – test, tempt
  2. TEMPT = entice to do evil, encourage to do wrong
  3. TEST = try to see if a thing is true, can be done, examine for quality
  4. James 1:13-14 – God does not TEMPT us
  5. Genesis 22:1 – God tempted (KJV) tested Abraham


There are two TESTS of our faith in prayer.

  1. Will we believe that God will hear us? De we have enough faith to pray?
  2. Will God answer our prayer? Do we have enough faith that God will respond?


Gideon’s Three Tests – Judges 6

  1. Is this really God speaking to me?
    1. Cooks some food, sets on a rock
    2. Angel of the Lord – touches the rock, food is burned up
  2. Allow dew on the fleece only – ground will be dry
  3. Dew on the ground – fleece remain dry


God Tested Gideon – Judges 6 and 7

  1. 6:25 – Tear down the altar you father built – build altar to God
  2. 7:2 – Limit the army – 32K is too many – down to 300
  3. 7:16 Limit the weapons – Clay jars and horns


Lessons to Learn

  1. We must test what we hear to know that it is from God.
  2. Test the prophets (teachers) – 1 John 4:1
  3. 2 Corinthians 13:5
    1. Examine yourself – Are you in the faith?
    2. Test yourself – 1 Corinthians 11:28 – Let a man examine himself
    3. Know yourself – That Christ is in you
  4. When we test God – God may also test us.
  5. Are you ready for the test?

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