Sermons - T - Z

Last updated: November 24, 2003

NOTE: The following sermons are not in alphabetical order. The newest additions are on the top of this list.

Waiting for the Dead - Sometimes we wait for something to come into our lives that is dead and is not coming back. We are "waiting for the dead." This sermon will look at some things that many people are waiting to happen in their lives - but will not happen. They are waiting for God to change His law.
To Live is Christ - Living for Christ means service and ministry. How can I live for Christ. What are some ways I can minister to others through my life?
To Die is Gain - Death is a tragic event from the human point of view. However, there is another way to look at death. There are some blessings that we can only enjoy at death.
When to Divorce - There is much discussion about when, how, and the spiritual status of the divorced. This sermon seeks to solve those moral and spiritual situations. The time to divorce is BEFORE you get married.
Testing God - Gideon tested God with dew on a fleece. Should we test God? Is testing God a lack of faith? What is the difference between testing God and tempting God?
After His Passion - What do you do after the crisis is over? How do you put your life back on track and get thing back to normal? This sermon looks at what Jesus did after His passion.
When Walls Come Down - When the walls that protect us crumble, we are open to attack from the enemy. When the walls of Jericho fell, Israel could enter and conquer the city. The sermon looks at some of the "walls" that seem to be crumbling around us.
User Friendly Church - How are we at being friendly to visitors, strangers, and those we do not know who come to our services? Are we a "friendly" church?
Weakest Link - There are two games shows that illustrate the good news and bad news for Christians. We are the "Weakest Link", but as God's children we are also "Millionaires."
WAR: Is it justified? - What does the Bible teach about war? Is war ever a good thing? Is war justified when one considers the pain, injury, death and destruction caused by war?
Who Can I Marry? - Are there any restrictions on who a Christian can marry? This sermon looks at inter-racial marriages. Must Christians marry only Christians? We must distinguish between what is wise and best vs. what is Biblically required.
Is God Unrighteous? - Why did God choose some men and reject others? Why did God choose Abraham? Why did God reject Esau and choose Jacob? This sermon looks at Romans 9.
Common Words with Special Meanings - The New Testament uses many common words, but gives them a special meaning for Christians and the church.
Work of Deacons - What is the work, authority and responsibility of a deacon?
Withdraw Thyself – Are there people we should not fellowship?
Tomato Frog – Like this frog, Christians can have a defense system that works too late.
Why Suffering? – When in pain we ask, “Why?” Here are some biblical insights to the why of suffering.
Tear Down Walls – We often build walls that shut out and block our vision.
Tearing Down Walls – Here are some walls that need to come down.
Where are you? – God asked Adam where he was in his spiritual walk.
Under the Circumstances – Here are some “excuses” for not serving God.
Victory – This is a time to celebrate the victories we have in Jesus.
When do we Worship? – What is worship? When constitutes worship?
Take Time to be Holy – Here is a song with 6 verses, we only have time for 3.
By what Authority? – Can you give proper authority for all that you do?
Words about Widows – How should the church support widows?
Who Cares? – We must handle each other with care.
Trip into 2000 – Make preparations for the trip.
Why are they Lost? – Many do not understand the urgency of evangelism.
When we Disagree – How to settle disputes between brethren.
Why Work? – A Labor Day sermon about the value of work.
Warfare and Weapons – We seek peace. We must prepare for spiritual warfare.
Who’s Who in Hell – John gives a list of who will be lost.
Untrue Truisms – When you hear something often enough you begin to believe it.
Why people give up – The book of Hebrews is addressed to Christians who wanted to give up.
Victory over Worry – Worry is a dangerous thing. It shows a lack of faith.
Torn Shirts and Broken Bottles – Christianity is not a patched up, repaired Judaism.
Thermometer or Thermostat – Graduation sermon about observers or change makers.
Don’t order vanilla – Three sermons about not settling for the mundane, mediocre and average.
True Love – there is much confusion about what love really is.
Where is the joy? – Have you forgotten the joy of salvation?
Wrong is wrong – Situation ethics says nothing is wrong. Here are some things that are always wrong.
Birth of Christ: Fact or fiction – Much about the birth of Christ is fiction.