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TITLE: Who Cares?

TEXT: 1 Corinthians 12:25-27

PROPOSITION: Christians ought to care for one another.


KEY WORD: Warnings



1. Some believe worship is an event (ballgame, play).

They come for the event. Not who else is there.

No concern that person in next seat is hurting.

2. Is worship a "show" to attend? a movie, play, game?

3. OR is it a "family reunion"?

Where is Uncle Gordon? Cousin Roger looks thin!

4. Package stamped "HANDLE WITH CARE"

1. Proves the Value of the Object.

A. Soul is worth more than the world Matthew 8:26-37

B. Soul is precious to God.

2. Indicates that it Can be Damaged or Destroyed.

A. Lost because of sin, temptation

B. Majority will be lost. Matthew 7:13-14; 21

C. Destroyed by neglect, lack of encouragement

3. Issues a Caution.

A. In handling the Word of God 1 Timothy 2:15

B. In teaching and preaching.

C. Be alert to dangers (changes) in people's lives and behavior.

4. Many are Indifferent Toward Souls - -

A. Of the lost

B. Of the brethren - sick, hurting, problems

C. Of the weak - negligent, absent, immoral

D. Why does this lack of care exist?

Jesus cares - Matthew 4:38 "Carest thou not that we perish?"

God cares - 1 Peter 5:7 Cast your care upon him, he cares"

Elders care -

Info-Line "I'm Manly Luscombe and I care."


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