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TITLE: Fact Or Fiction
TEXT: Matthew 2:11-16
PROPOSITION: Fact needs to be separated from fiction regarding the birth of Christ.

        1. Today is a day called "Christmas".
        2. More in Bible on birth than any other event in Jesus' life except his death.
        3. More study (classes, sermons) needs to be done here.
I. Facts
        1. Jesus was born
                A. In Bethlehem
                B. In a stable
                C. At night
                D. Of a virgin named Mary
        2. Shepherds came
                A. Angels announced his birth
                B. They worshipped him
        3. Wise men visited Jesus
                A. From the east (Persia)
                B. Brought gifts
II. Fiction
        1. Born December 25
                A. Date set in 325 A.D.
                B. Matched pagan Sun worship
                C. Do not establish special days
D. Galatians 4:10; Romans 14:5-6
        2. Three wise men
                A. Three gifts! - The number of men is plural
                B. Generally traveled in large groups
        3. Wise men at the stable
                A. House                Matthew 2:11
                B. Young child        vs. "babe" (Luke 2:12)
                C. At least 40 days old (Luke 2:22; Leviticus 12)
                D. Two years old        Matthew 2:16
        1. More study needed here.
        2. Believe the facts -
                Obey the commands -
                        Accept the promises

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