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TITLE: Trip into 2000
TEXT: I Peter 4:7-19
PROPOSITION: Every Christian must make some decisions as the end of the world approaches.
KEY WORD: Decisions
READING: I Peter 4:17-19


1. Plan a vacation - decide where? afford? when? etc.


a. Mountains of life
b. Valleys of suffering
c. Final destination

3. There are three decisions that you will need to make as you prepare to reach your destination - the judgment.

I. Live on the Mountain 7-11

A. Several commands for life:

1. Be sober
2. Pray
3. Have love
4. Hospitality
5. Use your gifts
6. Be a good steward
7. Speak as oracles of God

B. Do these things and you will be on the peak of life.

II. Endure the Valley 12-16

A. The description:

1. Fiery trial
2. Strange thing
3. Partakers w/Christ
4. Reproached
5. Evil spoken of
6. As a Christian

B. How to endure:

  1. Don't think it strange
  2. Rejoice; exceeding joy; happy are you
  3. Christ is glorified in my suffering
  4. Not be ashamed
  5. Glorify God in this name

C. Caution:

1. Don't suffer as a:

a] Murderer
b] Thief
c] Evil doer
d] Busybody

2. You will get what you deserve.

III. Commit the Soul 17-19

A. Judgment:

1. Is coming
2. Starts with Christians
3. What about those unprepared?
4. Have I obeyed the gospel?

B. The only escape is - commit your soul (trust God)

1. I can suffer
2. God is faithful
3. Song "God Will Take Care of You"

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