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TITLE: Under the Circumstances
: Luke 14:16-24
: There is no excuse for being lost.
: What?
WORD: Excuses
: Same


1. Excuse = unjustified reason

2. There is no valid reason for being lost.

3. Many give excuses. Here are some I have heard.


1.       Too young

A.      Ecclesiastes 12:1

B.       Matthew 18:1-3

C.       Matthew 19:14

2.       Too old

A.      2 Peter 3:9 "longsuffering toward us"

3.        Good enough already Acts 10 Cornelius

4.        Too mean I Timothy 1:15 Paul killed Christians

5.       Hypocrites in the church

A.      Choice - Now or for all eternity

B.       Help us show them a better way to live.

6.       Parents

A.      Honest, sincere, IF THEY HAD KNOWN...

B.       We are individually responsible to God

7.       Which church? Too Confusing!

A.      Obey the Bible.

B.       Be a New Testament Christian.

8.       Can't remain faithful.

A.      Prayer I John 2:1 advocate with the Father

9.       Don't know enough.

A.      Need to know: [1] Lost [2] God saves [3] Obey

B.       N. T. conversions - 1 sermon - 1 time

10.     Too narrow-minded. Matthew 7:13-14

A.      School - Math, History, Science

B.       Narrow enough to do only God's will.

C.       Broad enough to do all God's will.

11.    Too busy.

A.      Heart attack, car accident

B.       Judgment day, eternity

12.     Plenty of time yet. James 4:13-14

13.     Away too long. Luke 15 Prodigal Son

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