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TITLE: Thermometers or Thermostats?
TEXT: Jude 20-23
PROPOSITION: We want to make a difference in the world.
KEY WORD: Choices


  1. As you graduate from High School (or college) you want to make a difference.
  2. Our text teaches that we should make a difference in the lives of others.
  3. Today – you have (over simplified) two choices – Thermometer or Thermostat



  1. Measures, tests, samples
  2. Records
  3. Tells us something is wrong
  4. Have to shake down

They are everywhere

  1. In hospitals – nurse take your temperature regularly.
  2. People are thermometers too.
  3. Work – Boss does not compliment, only points out failures.
  4. School – Teacher tells you to fix the paper you turned in.
  5. Home – Only speak out when food in burned, house is dusty, work not done.
  6. Church – Tell leaders what is wrong with work, programs.
    I call them "Born Aginers" – When they were born – they were agin’ (against) everything!

Real Problem

  1. They tell what is WRONG.
  2. Never make any suggestions to improve.
  3. Don’t work to make a difference – see Jude 22 (KJV) "making a difference"


Make a difference

  1. Don’t just complain about the cold/heat – change it.
  2. Don’t just point out the problem – work for a solution.
  3. Thermostats – adjust, correct, change, make a difference


  1. You have a choice – thermostat (make a difference) OR thermometer (complain)
  2. Record the problem or solve it; Tell what is wrong or make it right.

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