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TITLE: Victory over Worry
TEXT: Matthew 6:25-34
PROPOSITION: Jesus gave us a sure formula for victory over worry.
SCRIPTURE READING: Matthew 6:25-29

INTRODUCTION: All of us worry – at times.

Worry is like a rocking chair – Keeps you busy, but goes nowhere.

Dr. Livingston – return from Africa – Did elephants bother you? No insects.

Big things we handle- little things eat at us.

It is not the tornadoes which trouble us – its the termites.

Realize what is important.

  1. Clothes and food are secondary. 25
  2. Kingdom of God is FIRST. 33
  3. Don’t waste time on secondary things.
  4. Don’t panic.
  5. Postpone passing judgment.
    Providence says – God is still in charge.

Learn to trust the knowledge of God.

  1. God already knows what you need. 32
  2. He often waits for us to realize what is needed.
  3. Four illustrations from science –
    a] Biology – Birds – 26
    To "eat like a bird" man would have to eat 9 pounds a day
    b] Physiology – 27
    Can you add 12 inches to your height?
    c] Botany – 28
    Flowers in a field are fed, grow, nourished by God
    d] Geology – 30
    God can even make a rock look good – clothe it.
  4. Let’s trust God know what is best for us.

Learn to live one day at a time.

  1. Learn this from verse 34.
  2. Forget (don’t dwell on) the past.
  3. Learn the art of starting over each morning.


  1. Send your worries to Worry, INC.
    Hire someone to worry for you.
  2. Have a worry box. No time now – put worry in box.
    Write it down – put in box.
    Later – read what you worried about.
  3. Opposite of worry = FAITH.

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