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TITLE: Words About Widows
TEXT: 1 Timothy 5:3-16
PROPOSITION: God gives some clear instructions about the care of widows and who show should support them.
KEY WORD: Definitions
SCRIPTURE READING: 1 Timothy 5:3-8


  1. There are several words in this chapter that must be understood.
  2. What is the church’s responsibility toward widows?

Widows indeed; really widows (3)

  1. Are there several kinds of widows?
  2. Can one be a partial widow?
  3. Later Paul will give some clear definitions. (9-10 – widow indeed)
  4. 11-15 = younger widows
  5. Three important qualities (5)
    A. Desolate
    B. Trusts in God
    C. Constant in Prayer

Piety (4)

  1. Show reverence toward, show reference by doing your duty
  2. Showing care and concern

Requite (4)

  1. To repay, to make a return, to give something for something
  2. Parents – you are paying for your raising!
  3. Aged parents = you still owe them for your raising.

Worse than an infidel (8)

  1. Primary responsibility is that of the family – not the church
  2. If you fail in this –
    A. Denied the faith – not a true believer
    B. Worse than a heathen, infidel, atheist
  3. Denied the faith = if you do not follow this command (7)
    Then you do not believe and obey ANY command of God.

Enrolled; taken into the number (9)

  1. Literally – put on the payroll – supported for their work
  2. This is not charity – this is support in exchange for work done
  3. Payment for services rendered
  4. Qualifications:
    A. At least 60 years old
    B. A one-man woman
    C. Well spoken of in the community
    D. Known for her good deeds
    E. Raised children
    F. Relieved the afflicted
    G. Followed every opportunity for good

Younger widows (11)

  1. Potential to become materialistic – seek luxury, security, marry again
  2. Become busybodies, idle mind = devils workshop, nosey, gossip
  3. They should:
    A. Marry
    B. Bear children
    C. Oversee a house
    D. Live above reproach
    E. Don’t abandon the faith

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