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TITLE: Withdraw Thyself

TEXT: I Timothy 6:3-5

PROPOSITION: Some should be excluded from our fellowship.






1.        Fellowship is a privilege

A.      It is not your RIGHT.

B.       It is both personal and congregational.

2.        It can be withheld from those doing wrong.

3.        Paul describes types to withdraw from.


1. Changes the names.       3a

A.      Consent not to wholesome words

B.       Won't call Bible things by Bible names.

C.       New terminology = departure in teaching


2. Doctrine does not matter.              3b

A.      Not abide in doctrine (teaching) II John 9

B.       Acts 2:42 remain steadfast in apostle's doctrine

C.       Divorce, music, worship, morals - "Don't matter"


3. Ignorant and Proud of it.                                4

A.      Knows nothing (but, he thinks he does)

B.       Proud

C.       Asks questions to cause strife

D.      Challenges everything taught

E.       Result: Envy, Strife, Railings, Evil surmising

F.       Result: Disputing with men, destitute of truth


4. Thinks gain is godliness.              5

A.      Thinks money buys:  power, control, and authority

B.       BMW = salvation; Rolex = righteousness



1.        From people like this - withdraw thyself

2.        This is not "church" action - INDIVIDUAL

3.        This type of person will corrupt, pollute, destroy


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