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TITLE: By what Authority?

TEXT: Matthew 21:23-27

PROPOSITION: Christians must understand what is proper authority in matters of faith.


KEY WORD: Commands



  1. All of life is learning to obey commands.
  2. Parents, teachers, army, boss, police
  3. Person decided to just open Bible are see what God wants him to do
    A. "Whatever you do, do it quickly"
    B. "Judas went out and hung himself"
    C. "Go do thou likewise"
  4. In matters of faith there are three sources of authority.


Direct Commands

  1. Stated "This is a command."
  2. In the imperative voice "Go into all the world"
  3. Some commands are situational
    A. For a specific person, time, event Build ark, take up bed
    B. For a group of people Law of Moses ended at cross
  4. Example
    A. Stated 1 Corinthians 16:1-2; 1 Corinthians 7:10
    B. Imperative Mark 16:15; Matthew 7:44



  1. Wrong examples learn what NOT to do see how people sinned
  2. Approved examples this is one way to do it not the ONLY way
  3. Binding examples when it illustrates a requirement (command)
  4. Example
    A. Wrong example Acts 5 lying, Judas denies Christ
    B. Approved example Paul sailed from place to place, Peter fished
    C. Binding example Communion on 1st day of week
    NOTE: We are required to assemble, on Sunday, LS placed in assembly
    Acts 20:7 is a binding example of what day, not of time of day or location


Necessary Inferences

  1. We often jump to wrong conclusions
    Illustration of man opening Bible Should he kill himself?
  2. Necessary inference Must reach this conclusion
    Man came OUT of the house necessary that he went IN.
  3. Example
    A. Matthew 3:16 Jesus came up from the water
    B. Command to assemble demands a place, location, time to meet
    C. Song books Sing, decently and in order, admonish one another



  1. We MUST have authority for all that we teach and practice.
  2. What is the authority for ___________? Can you give chapter and verse?

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